A Leading Pharmaceutical – Going Virtual With Pixelhub
Successfully Making the Transition

A leading Pharmaceutical client traditionally attended forty tier 1,2 and 3 physical events and conferences in their yearly programme. These events were spread across numerous therapy areas, and often a single event showcased several of their brands and products. When Covid 19 made these physical events impossible – DBPixelhouse were chosen as their expert digital partner to successfully transition to 100% virtual events. The client’s primary reasons for attending events was to inform their audience of clinical study results, update on scientific discoveries, and promote their branded products. 

A fast and simple transition to virtual warequired, as they had key events within 3 weeks of engagement. DBPixelhouse’s knowledge of Pharma sector events, coupled with our proven platform and creation process enabled the brand to successfully pivot in time for their first event: ASCO in May 2020.

Compliant and Scalable – Since their first virtual event in May, we have now completed 27 excellent events for the client, with several more going live before the end of the calendar year. All events have passed the clients internal approval and compliance process, as well as adhering to the event and organiser/association platform constraints.    

Audience: Going virtual has enabled the brand to reach a 36% larger audience than the same physical event programme in 2019, and a create a wider geographic impact. Health Care Professionals from across the globe can now attend events without the travel/cost/time implications of the physical events. 

Sustainability has also increased substantially in the transition to PixelHub online events, as the brand no longer requires staff, materials or HCP visitors to travel by plane to the conferences, and the content and platforms can easily be re-purposed and re-used.

The increased depth and coverage of Analytics that our platform enables versus the physical events, has allowed the brand to not only increase their performance but also learn why their audience engages better with particular content.

The total cost of their 2020 online events programme is reduced by 78% versus 2019 on the same physical events, and yet their audience reach is increased by 36%. Analysis of our metrics shows that their audience are also displaying increased understanding of the messaging take-home (21% increase versus the same events in 2019).


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