Peak Week - A Pixelhub virtual event
Created in partnership with Fresh for Dixons Carphone Group

Covid-19 impact on retail businesses was catastrophic, retailers swiftly adapted to selling under restrictions, however new and different challenges emerged; How to motivate employees who were going above and beyond every day, adapting rapidly remotely and in store? How to invest in employee engagement when face to face contact was limited? How to deliver critical peak trading sales knowledge through the best possible online training?

Dixons Carphone (DC) embraced the problems and turned to DBpixelhouse to define a pioneering digital solution unlike any other.

“’We Help Everyone Enjoy Amazing Technology’ is our vision at Dixons Carphone, and our colleagues are one of our greatest strengths. We want all our colleagues to be inspired and engaged with the virtual exhibition, using the opportunity to learn about the latest products, features or upgrades in existing technology. We want them to be clear on how to help our customers discover and choose the right tech for them, and how to help them get the most out of their purchases. They should leave educated and ready to return to their stores full of tips and advice for customers and excited about the technology we offer.”

The Peak Event is Dixons Carphone’s internal employee conference, traditionally combined with a key product training exhibition held in preparation for pre-Christmas peak trading. The project objective was to replace the physical event by creating a virtual conference and exhibition to stimulate employee motivation & engagement and drive improved company performance during the prime trading week of the year.

An amazing employee experience was at the core of the event design it had to inspire & excite, it had to offer education, entertainment, and engagement.

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Employees were welcomed by a live stream from the CEO. They entered a 3D virtual venue, designed to create an employee journey of discovery and exploration.

Built to replicate a physical exhibition venue they navigated a beautiful atrium reception with interactive elements focused on celebration of individual and team success.

Corporate messages of Mission, Vision and Values were communicated in innovative ways in the Big 3 self-discovery zones.

The main stage auditorium was a big screen event showcasing 9 pre-recorded corporate videos, connecting employees directly with the leadership team.

Key product training sessions were hosted on individual supplier stands, in a dedicated exhibition hall. Videos, images, and brochures were supported by live connection with brand representatives in open video meeting rooms where DC employees could ask questions, clarify understanding and extend their product knowledge.

The event was live for 4 days and was accessed 33,000 times by over 6,600 employees (an average of 5 visits per user).  The reach of the virtual event was to 4,500 more employees than the usual physical event. The 40 supplier exhibition stands were visited 163,000 times, 750,000 assets were accessed and 8,000 face to face meetings were held. The DC CEO presented 8 awards to high performing teams and over 100 individual employees were celebrated in the ‘Hall of Fame’.

Employee Feedback
The success of the event can be measured by the employee posts made to the social wall; the comments speak for themselves.

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