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Pixelhub Live offers a 3d space to communicate your message effectively

Virtual events are happening, there are huge numbers of generic platforms available, they are keeping us connected whilst we are required to stay apart, but in the main the solution they offer is hugely compromised versus the reality of physical events.

We have taken the problem and reverse engineered our own unique solution, Pixelhub live takes Pixelhub, our virtual event platform for brands which focusses on the of promotional needs of exhibiting brands and the experiential desires of users, and we’ve added in the essential element of live human connection.

Your team can keep the conversation flowing, providing guidance and advice, information and demonstrations.  Establishing and nurturing relationships with your brand across the virtual divide.

Pixelhub live options elevate your online event experience by giving users multiple opportunities to interact live with your experienced team, through instant messaging, video meetings or streamed webcasts with Q&A and live polling.

Partnering with us you can staying ahead of the competition by challenging the virtual event norms and delighting users with a pioneering online event experience. Then take the best of virtual into the future with exceptional hybrid events that access wider audiences, value sustainability and maximise your ROI.

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