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Just some of our popular questions

Here are just a selection of questions that are quite often asked by our customers; please let us know if there is a question that you would like an answer to that isnt listed?

  • Can Pixelhub be customised?
    Yes, Pixelhub is customised as standard, and can be fully bespoke with the addition of Pixelhub Live functions.
  • What is the lead time to build a pixelhub virtual event platform?
    Pixelhub has a lead time of approximately 4 weeks. Pixelhub live functions are fully bespoke and so will require greater project build time, a minimum of 8-12 weeks is desirable, but get in touch to discuss if we can help design a solution that fits your timing requirements.
    For a whole event, we need time to plan and configure the more complex system for the organiser, and build individual stands with end clients, the earlier you speak to us the better.
  • How secure is the platform?
    To protect your platform, we use Amazon Web Services technology, the most secure cloud computing environment available. All your platforms data is captured and stored in line with GDPR regulations (such as using EU based servers). Should you have any specific security questions get in touch and we will provide a solution.
  • How scalable is pixelhub?
    As large or small as you wish. Each solution is based on your specific requirements, server capabilities are matched to the demand you require. We have provided events for upwards of 10,000 concurrent users.
  • How is it different to other off-the-shelf virtual event platforms?
    With an off-the-shelf package the solution dictates how your event is structured and how your brand is represented.
    We believe in giving you as much flexibility as possible so that your event runs how you want it to, and from a design perspective you can stand out from the crowd, just as you would in the real world.
    We will provide expert guidance on how to design and plan your virtual event.
  • Who designs the look of the platform?
    We can provide design services, or you may wish to use a partner design agency, to define the look and feel of your pixelhub platform.
  • Will pixelhub work with my current streaming technology?
    We can build your platform to work with most streaming technology, in addition our inhouse technical team can professionally manage your streaming production – Click here for more details
  • How does access work… Do delegates need to register?
    All delegates access the platform via a URL just as you would when visiting google or your website.
    Its up to you if you want people to pre-register, register on the spot or have a public platform open without registration.
    There are merits for each of these, call us to talk through which method would best suit your event objectives.
  • Does a delegate need to download any additional software
    No, there are no additional software requirements, just a web browser.
  • How do I allocate and train my people to host our event on the platform?
    We provide full training for all our virtual event solutions and will be there to guide you through each step of the process.
  • What technical support to you provide when the platform is live?
    We have different levels of support based on your requirements; if you require 24/7 support then this can be accommodated at an extra cost.
  • How much does a pixelhub platform cost?
    Packages start from just £15k for our standard customisable Pixelhub platform.
    Fully bespoke Pixelhub Live & Event elements mean that we design and build the system to your requirements and pricing is fully dependant on your specification.
    Please call us to discuss your ideal virtual event.
  • How long will our pixelhub platform be available for?
    Anything is possible. How long would you like the system to be live? 1 day? 1 week? 1 month? 1 year? Let’s have a chat and find a solution that works for you.
  • How many people can be in one video meeting room at once?
    Our video meeting room functionality allows for 16 videos participants at once, however, up to 250 audio (non video) participants can be in one meeting at a time.
  • Is it possible to moderate messaging in the pixelhub live functionality options?
    There is a facility for posts to public message boards to be moderated in the background by a member of staff, who approves messages, before they are published on the public forum.
  • Can users interact with content that is not LIVE?
    Yes, we can add interactive features such as rate buttons or like/vote/polls dependant on your requirements.
  • Can you provide the platform in different languages?
    Yes you can provide a localised event with a multilingual platform for different global regions.

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